War By Design (game concept)

Unfinished UI screenshot.


This game is a one to eight player real-time strategy (RTS) set in the post-apocalyptic distant future. Highly customizable vehicles wage your battles and drive your economy. Destroyed vehicles can be salvaged for parts and materials, and given the lucrative nature of metals, they should be.

Each vehicle, or unit, can use different parts which can be obtained through research, resource collection, or salvage. These parts include engines, armor types, weapon types, communications, energy sources, propulsion systems, storage, utility, and even aesthetic pieces.

All units, buildings and environments are completely destructible, and follow the basic rules of physics (such as the conservation of energy and mass). Heavier objects are more destructive, but are more difficult to move or salvage. They can also require more technology or energy to operate.

Resources determine the level of technology and unit/part statistics. For example, using titanium alloys for engine parts yields much higher output than plain steel. These slight differences can give players distinct advantages over others, and qualitative design can often outperform quantitative industrialism.

Estimated Completion Time

Nine to eighteen months from start.