Four Legions (game concept)



Legions Bellai is a one to four player open-world FPS. Set in the relative future, the fields of study, such as science, technology, and medicine, have transformed into militarized factions fighting for control over various regions of a globalized Earth.

The Hospitallers governs neutral zones and attempts to keep the legions from openly warring with each other. Expect most of the minor skirmishes that break out to be intense and involve local resources or trade transactions gone bad. There is no wrong side, but many philosophies that have yet to be proven wrong. The game is based on a large game world, advanced physics, and weapon design.

The Legion of Armies prefers industrialization, efficient engineering, large weapons, and high ammo capacities. The Legion of Snipers has made technological advances with lightning-rail and coil gun physics, as well as a comparatively small fusion battery. The Legion of Technology has autonomous vehicular expertise, as well as sporting VTOL, all-terrain, and hover capabilities. The Legion of Medics have perfected a technique of mass-producing type-O blood and type-AB plasma, and maintains secrecy over their ability to keep organisms in a state of cryogenic stasis.

Estimated Completion Time

Nine to twelve months from project start.