Deity of Merykara (game concept)


An evil godlike deity chooses a disciple (the player), and tasks them with hunting down malevolent and otherwise rebellious spirits and apparitions that populate the world. Since no one else can see these apparitions (yet), they think the player is going crazy and generally deny everything. Not until the player starts being hunted by his own people and the government, do others start seeing the spirits and apparitions for themselves. Regardless, it is too late, for by the time others can fully see the apparitions, they are about to die.

Towards the climax, the disciple and his/her few friends start hunting the deity itself, which leads them through military bases, government controlled warehouses, and office buildings. Eventually, the player’s friends are killed off, and the player ends up at an underground burial chamber where the final battle will ensue.

The depth of the game is provided by the level design, which slowly transforms modern urban/industrial environments into Gothic-inspired medieval Hell. The game is set in present times, with a fairly significant number of ways to defeat, banish, or otherwise counter the spirits.

Estimated Completion Time

Six to nine months from project start.