A Village in Time (card game)


The medieval job card game.

A Village in Time is a job and resource management card game that has players compete to organize their village.

Players start with the necessary basic jobs, a small stockpile of food, and a few local food types to harvest from. Players draw three cards per turn to find new food types and hire new villagers.

Food coins represent stockpiled food and are used to “hire” villagers and put them into play.

Trade coins serve as a non-perishable analog for food, at a ratio of 2 trade to one food. Think of trade as all the things you can make and buy once food is no longer an issue.

Players can attack and steal your food production, and town guards, walls, and towers can defend the village from danger.

The goal of the game is to expand your village by having more villagers, higher tiers, and by having more food and trade production than other players.

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